Meet The Captains

Ruby D. Charters Salmon Fishing in Seattle & Edmonds

Captain Dale

  • Name : Dale Drogseth
  • Coast Guard Licensed
  • CPR and First Aid Certified
  • National Association of Charter Boat Operators
  • Member Puget Sound Charter Boat Association
  • All Around Pretty Good Guy :)

The U.S. Navy brought me here in 1976, where I served as Navigator on the USS Moctobi in Everett, Washington--long before the current Naval base was even there.

I am married to my wife Patty and have two great kids; both graduates of the University of Washington.

The Perfect Captain--experience the best of Puget Sound with one of its very own.

I began recreational fishing in the early 1980's. My first time out was an experience I'll never forget. I hooked a fish and knew it was going to be a big one. Being the two well prepared novices that we were, my good friend and I soon realized we had no net. After fighting with the fish and bringing him next to the boat, my buddy reached over and grabbed him by hand, heaving him into the boat... It was a 20 pound KING SALMON! That hooked me on the whole fishing thing.

Ruby D. Charters Salmon Fishing in Seattle & Edmonds

Captain AJ

  • Name : Aaron Drogseth

Captain AJ was born in Virginia but moved to Western Washington when he was a baby. He grew up on and around Puget Sound, fishing, crabbing and playing. More recently, he spent several years as a deckhand, until he pursued and qualified for his Coast Guard Captains license his captain's license a few years ago. He once made a birthday wish that he would become one of the Seattle Mariners, but being a Seattle "mariner" is pretty great too.